Case Telecom Italy-Luca Luciani, video on youtube removed and is republished bounced from network television!

Yesterday morning I discovered the video published on youtube, and had “embeded” in our blog Videodocg-logo.jpg ,reporting as important, given the evidence of stupidity a manager of a company that in recent years has shown a total lack of interest towards its customers.




The video, which originally was precisely on youtube “was probably removed under pressure, but promptly gave the network esspressione to freedom of information. Immediately after many had downloaded the video and recharged, without being able to give room for complaint.

It ‘been included on Free RepubblicaTV on, and again on youtube!

The whole blogosphere is laughing Luca Luciani, head of domestic mobile services Telecom Italy, for her performance at a meeting Telecom.

Now I arrive voice that went well on Striscia la notizia“!

We will have to wait for tomorrow’s resignation Luciani?

The movie has quickly become cult on the web: top manager motivates his men using as an example Napoleon and his masterpiece at Waterloo. Pity that the reference was to what is known to the battle that marked the final defeat of Bonaparte.